Make Art with Purpose curated by Janeil Engelstad

Matej Vakula, MfPS workshop in Bratislava, Kamenne namesti

October 12 - December 6, 2013
Reception: October 12, 6-9pm

MAP - Make Art with Purpose and Eastfield College Galleries present:

Rebecca Carter: Signage Works
James Reed: Agents of Change
Carolyn Sortor: Secret Sociality
Matej Vakula: Manuals for Public Space

James Reed (left), Janeil Engelstad (2nd from left), and participants in Agents of Change


MAP - Make Art with Purpose was founded in 2010 by Janeil Engelstad to support, promote, and share creative projects that are transformative.  From October 1 - November 24, 2013 MAP will produce MAP 2013, in the greater Dallas – Fort Worth area, a festival and exhibition that restores and preserves the environment, promotes social justice and advances human knowledge and well-being. 
Eastfield College will participate as a MAP partner in presenting the work of four artists, Rebecca Carter, James Reed, Carolyn Sortor, and Matej Vakula.


Working with students in Fort Worth and Mesquite, Rebecca Carter has designed signs that
express messages connected to social and/or environmental themes that are relevant to the project participants.  The signs will be put up throughout the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area and be produced as an online project for KERA Art & Seek during MAP 2013.  Collaborators include Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and Eastfield College.

James Reed will present work produced through The Agents of Change (AOC) project, an international Social Sculpture Intervention engaging communities affected by ocean levels rising 10ft by year 2107 because of Climate Change.

Through research, comparison, correspondence and exchange, Matej Vakula is examining how space around the world is used, creating ways to preserve the public spaces that remain, and addressing questions such as “What do we mean when we say public space?”

Carolyn Sortor will present Secret Sociality, as part of the OccuLibrary , a project initiated to create various reincarnations of the library tents existing during the Occupy Movement. Engaging, even alluring means are used to lure awareness toward empowering information. OccuLibrary incarnations are in various media, and each is shaped by the collaborators who desire to co-create it.


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