Haints, Saints, and Spirits of the South

Often referred to as outsider or folk art, the work of self-taught artists has long been held in high regard through museum exhibitions devoted to the genre, prominent galleries focusing on the exhibition and sale of it, and the inclusion of the work in private and public collections.  Eastfield College Galleries is proud to announce a collaboration with three Texas based private collectors to exhibit a significant and diverse body of work from eighteen self-taught artists. 

Haints, Saints, and Spirits of the South features the artwork of self-taught artists from the private collections of North Texas based collectors Karol Howard and George Morton, and Austin, Texas based collector Terry Nowell.  While a collaboration, the overall vision of the exhibit has been determined by the collectors themselves, mostly in part because of their long term personal ties to the artists, but also because their collecting habits have made them near historians on the genre. They not only collect and preserve the work, but they establish personal relationships with the artists by visiting them often and getting to know their work better through intimate conversation.  It is because of these carefully formed relationships with each artist that the exhibit itself is rich with autobiographical information providing a deeper understanding of the artworks.

The artists included in Haints, Saints, and Spirits of the South are driven by visions, religion, personal narrative, and a vigorous imagination.  Their subject matter ranges from pre-columbian like sculptured figures to UFOs to religious iconography to Egyptian inspired motifs. 

The exhibit features a variety of media including found materials, inexpensive paints or markers, and mud from Mississippi creek beds. On display will be works from artists Burgess Dulaney, Andy Don Emmons, Daniel Johnston, Prophet Royal Robertson, Ionel Talpazan, Chomo (Roger Chomeaux), Brooks Yeomans, Reverend Benjamin F. Perkins, Michel Nedjar, Reverend George P. Kornegay, Sulton Rogers, Reverend H.D. and Margaret Dennis, Reverend Howard Finster, Reverend John L. Hunter, Myrtice West, Mose Toliver, and Charley Kinney.





October 1 at 6:15 pm in the H Gallery (H100)

Terry Nowell will give a talk on the work of Burgess Dulaney

November 5 at 12:30 pm in H100 and 6:00 pm in H100

Artist talk: Andy Don Emmons

November 11 at 10:15 am in the H Gallery (H100)

Karol Howard and George Morton will discuss the artists from their collection



From I-30 take Exit 54 toward Big Town Blvd. Take Big Town Blvd North which turns into La Prada. From La Prada take a right on Carol Brown Dr. Go right on Eastfield Parkway and park in the W3 parking lot (on your left). The H Gallery is located off the lower courtyard between the Fine Arts building (Bldg. “F”) and the Campus Center (Bldg. “C”) in H100. 


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